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หลอดประหยัดไฟยี่ห้อ Hitachi15W กำลังไฟสูงถึง75W /220-240Vสีขาว

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หลอดประหยัดไฟ 15W กำลังสูงถึง 75W /220-240V
150.00 บาท


โคมไฟ LED 10W/1000LM 6000K AC85-265V/50-60Hz ขั้วหลอดไฟกระเบื้องE27 หลอดไฟทรงกระบอก OKE 400W/220V แสงสีขาว หลอดไฟ1000W ยี่ห้อMETAL HALIDE LAMP มีสีเขียว เหลือง สีขาว(สินค้าหมด) หลอดไฟยี่ห้อ LEIZE LIGHTING 220-240V, 36W(สินค้าหมด)

 หลอดไฟ  HITACHI Inspire the Next

Care Instruction

-          Never use with dimmer.

-          Not water proof.

-          Born only on proper voltage and frequency.

-          Never use in a closed fixture.


-          Do not attempt to disassemble or reqair the lamp. Light tubes and Parts are not


-          Avoid using the lamp where light is frequently turned on and off; this may shorten it’s service life.

-          Always use the lamp at the proper voltage.

-          Do not sue the lamp where ambient temperature exceeds 40 C .

-          Avoid using the lamp in extreme temperatures that are unusually high or low.

-          Do not spray insecticide at the lamp.

-          If abnormal lighting ( such as light flickering on and off ) is noted, promptly shut off the power and replace the lamp with a mew one.

-          Use of the lamp near audio units, including radio, may cause noise, ( If noise occurs, move the unit at least one meter away from the lamp).

-          Use of the lamp near a television set with an infrared remote control unit may interfere with proper operation of the  remote control.

-          Do not use the lamp with a DC and Emergency  power supply.

-          Although tiny blackish spots may occur at the top of the lamp when it is on, this is not abnormal.

-          Although a place near the electrode may look blackish when the lamp start on, this state will disappear after a time.

-          Do not stick paper or cloth.

-          Do not touch the bulb during operation or soon after switching off.







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