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GPS Plotter JMC CP700 ดาวเทียม รุ่นใหม่ล่าสุด

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 แก้ไขล่าสุด: 29/06/2015
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ดาวเทียม GPS Plotter JMC CP700
35,000.00 บาท


ดาวเทียม Samyung N100/ NF100 ดาวเทียม รุ่นตัวเลข Furuno GP-32 Samyung N5100 GPS PLOTTER ดาวเทียมFURUNO GP-39 ดาวเทียม SUZUKI ESG-120A

                                                         ดาวเทียม  JMC  CP-700

7.0 inch  LED-Backlit Full Color WVGA TFR LCD GPS Plotter


To reduce  the  risk  of  unsafe  operated  CP-700, please  to review  and  understand  all  aspects  of  this  User's  Manual  carefully  prior  to actual  use. When  in  actual  use, please  compare  with  all  available  navigation  sources, including  the information from  other  navigation  aids  and  actual  sea  conditions,  such  as: official  chart,  visual  sightings,  radar,  tides,  hydrology,  weather  and  so on.


Symbol  description  in  this  manual:

-          Menu  title,  such  as  [Main Menu]  means  the  basis  menu  called  by  the  system.

-          The  symbol  on  the  Keyboard  buttons,  such  as [Menu]  means  the  menu  button  on  the  keyboard.


-          Avoid  fall  down  cases  damage  the  product,  firmly  install  your  product  are  necessary.

-          Do not  use  this  product  with  any  other power adapters  or the  navigator  may  not  work  properly; its  performance  will  be  affected  or even  the  equipment  will  be  damaged  because  of  the  different  circuit  designs. The  voltage  requirement  for  this  unit  is  DC 11-36 V. Do  not  exceed  this  voltage  rang.

-          Do  not  disassemble  the  navigation  systems  by  any  means  or  no  warrant  will  be  extended.

-          When  in use  cleaning, be  sure  to  avoid  any  liquid  or  other  objects  falling  into  the  navigation   system  or  this  might  cause  damage  or  short  circuit.

-          Do  not  place  navigation  system  and  its  accessories  in  a  dump  environment  or  direct  sunlight.  Keep  the  machine  in  a  dry  environment.

-          Power  supply  should  be  grounded to prevent  static  and  lightning. If  not  in use,  please  turn  off  the  system.

-          If  the navigator  cannot  position  for  a long  time,  check  the  following:  Whether  the  antenna  is  instead  properly;  the  connection; any  form  of  interference  around  the  antenna. Before  the  starting  of  the  navigation  system,  make  sure  that  the  antenna  cable joints  are  intact;  there  is  no  shirt-circuit  or  open  circuit;  and  follow  the  correct  procedure.  During  the  start-up  stage,  do  not  arbitrarily  remove  the  antenna  in  order  to  avoid  damages  to  the  equipment.

-          When  external  temperature  is  too  high,  navigation  systems  may  not  function  properly,  stop  using  the  equipment.

-          Avoid  direct  sunlight  to  the LCD  screen.  You  can  adjust  the  angle  of  the  screen  anytime  to  get  the  best  visual  effects.   

-          When  hardware  failure  occurs  (such  as  power) lines  burned,  wrapper  damages  or  foreign  bodies  falling  into  the  equipment, (etc.), shut  down  the  power  immediately  and  contact  with  the  dealer  immediately.

-          Virtually, all data  sources  contain  some  inaccurate  or  incomplete  data, the  data only  for  your  reference  and we cannot  guarantee  any  accident  minor  injury  or  property  damage. All legal  responsibility  and  other  obligation  will  not be take  by  JMC.








-          JMC product is warranted to be free from defects in materials or workmanship for one year from the date of purchase. Within this period, JMC will at sole option, repair or replace  any components this fail in normal use. Such repairs or replacement  will be made at no charge to the customer for parts or labor, provided that the customer shell be responsible for any transportation cost, This warranty does not cover failures due to abuse, misuse, accident or unauthorized alteration or repair.

-           Record  the serial number (9 number located on the bottom of the unit) in case for needs service. Your product serial number is: 

-          To obtain warranty service, call your local JMC authorized dealer.


-          7-nich 800x480 (WVGA) resolutions; LED-backlight, wide viewing angle, unlimited backlight adjustment, comfortable night usage mode.

-          Wide range voltage designed; input voltage between 11-36 volt DC.

-          Easy upgrade via USB disk.

-          Text-to-speech technology, voice prompt, and supports.

-          Can store up to 200 plan routs, 10,000 waypoint, 500,000 point, and 10,000 markers.

-          Detailed navigation information for major international ports, free chart and software upgraded   regularly.


Before installing and getting started please to check to see that your package includes the following items. If any parts are missing, please contact your dealer immediately.

Standard Package:

  1. Main Unit x 1 set
  2. Mounting Bracket x 1 set
  3. Knob with plastic gasket x 2 pcs
  4. PWR Cable x 1 pc
  5. Data cable with 6 pins plug x 1 pc
  6. Data cable with 8 pins plug x 1 pc
  7. Wood Screw x 4 pcs
  8.  User's Manual x 1 pc

Appendix   one: General Specification

  1. Display 7.0 inch WVGA screen 800*480 dots with white backlight LED
  2. Track point: total 100,000 points (2,000 points* 50 lines)
  3. Waypoint total 10,000 points (8 characters, 8 color)  
  4. Route point: 200 routes *48 points for each route
  5. Mark point 6,000 points, 24 character manes, 8 color
  6. MOB: 20 point , 8 character manes, 8 color
  7. GPS frequency: 1575.42 MHz C/A code
  8. GPS position update: 1 sec
  9. Power supply: DC11-36V
  10. Power consumption: 10W
  11. Dimensions: 235mm* 238mm* 103mm
  12. Operating temperature: -15°C - +55°C
  13. Storage temperature: -20°C - +75°C
  14. Operating humidity: 0% to 93%
  15. AIS frequency range: 161.975 MHz
  16. AIS channel band width: 25 kHz
  17. AIS sensitivity: < -107 dBm @ PER< 20%
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