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ซาวเดอร์ KODEN CVS-126 จอ5.7" เมนูภาษาไทย

 เพิ่มเมื่อ: 16/05/2018
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ซาวเดอร์ KODEN CVS-126
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ซาวเดอร์ KODEN CVS-126 จอ5.7 นิ้ว



Echo Sounder CVS-126 600W / 50-200KHz This product is specifically designed to be installed on boats and other means of maritime transport. If your country forms part to the EU, please contact your dealer for advice before attempting to install elsewhere. Introduction The CVS-126 is a Dual frequency (50kHz/200kHz) Color LCD display echo sounder. The unit equipped with digital process display the circumstance in the water under all conditions, matching with the high luminance 5.7 inch LCD. The main features of this unit are as follows. - With the digital reception process, the compatibility of the high resolution in a shallow depth and the noise rejection capability in a deep depth are established. The auto mode function provides the best image.

- The high-performance LCD maintains high visibility under any conditions.

- The unit can be installed in an open bridge and is highly waterproof.

- Sonar Tone™ (Sonar sound) function is equipped with for catching situations schools of fish and others by sound.

- Up to 10 images can be stored. If you connect the optional GPS, the homing function, that directs your boat to navigate easily to the location desired, is available by marking the event mark when recalling the stored image.

- The unit designed to save power consumption. The white LED is adopted for illuminating the LCD and the power consumption is minimal in this class. The unit emits less heat and occurrence of condensation is rare.

- The various alarm functions are available. (Bottom, school of fish, water temperature* , board speed*, arrival*, XTE*, power) (Note: The mark* denotes that the connection of option is mandatory)

- When flush-mounting, the unit can be easily installed from front side. Configuration of Equipment Standard Equipment Configuration Lost NO Name of item Type Remark Weight/Length Quantity 1 Display unit CVS-126 600W output with mounting bracket and knop 1.3kg 1 2 Hard cover C38MB12020 0.15KG 1 3 DC power cable (Combine cable) CW-264A-2M With 12 connector at one end/ un-treated at the other end2m 2m 1 4 Fuse F-7161-3A Cylinder (6.4x30) Normal fusion type for main power 2 5 Trans Tapping Screw TPT5x20U For fixing CVS-126 Display 4 6 Cap LTWCAP-DABCFXC1 For transducer cable connector 1 7 Operation Manual CVS-26. OM.E English 1 8 Quick Reference CVS-126 QR.E English 1 9 Cautionary Note CVS-SER.RM.E English 1 Essential Option NO Name of item Type Remark Weight/Length Quantity 1 Transducer Type of transducer Transducer cable (with connector at one end) 9m 1 Type of Transducer NO Specification Frequency Material Length of the cable Mounting method not Beam width (Right and left x back and forth) 1 TD-500T-2B 50/200kHz 600W Plastic 9m Inner-hull 50kHz 50 ̊x 50 ̊(-6dB) 200kHz 17 ̊x17 ̊ (-6dB) 2 TD-500T-3B 500/200kHz 600W Bronze 9m Through-hull 50kHz 50 ̊x50 ̊ (-6dB) 200Khz 17 ̊x17 ̊ (-6dB) Specification Item Content Model CVS-126 Output power (RMS) 600W Output frequency 50 kHz and 200 kHz Output method Single or Alternate Tx rate 3000times/minute at maximum(In case of single frequency, Range 2.5m and Interference rejection off) Pulse width 50μs to 3.0ms Display size and type 5.7 inch color TFT LCD Display resolution 320x240 pixel (QVGA) Basic range 2.5 to 800(m), 10 to 2800 (ft), 2.5 to 600 (fm/ I. fm ) (8 ranges can be set to users choice) Zoom range 2.5 to 200(m), 10 to 650(ft), 2.5 to 150 (fm/ I. fm) Range unit m, ft, fm, Shift Max 800(m), 2800 (ft), 600(fm/ Shift step 1m, 10m, 1/8, 1/4 Presentation modes High frequency, Low frequency, Dual frequency, Zoom image (Bottom lock, Bottom discrimination, Bottom zoom, zoom, Bottom follow zoom), Nav mode, Vertical split, Horizontal split A-scope can be displayed at all abode modes Presentation colors 64 colors, 16colors, 8colors, Monochrome Back ground colors Marine blue, Blue, Black, White, Nighttime colors, Other 5 colors Alarm Bottom, Fish, Temperature*, Speed**, Arrive***, XYE*** Image speed 9 step & stop Functions Interference rejection, Color rejection, VRM, Noise rejection, White lime, Draft correct, Water temperature correct, Boat speed correct, Store image (10 images), Sona-Tone™, Fishing Hot Spot, Event memory, Simple plotter, Panel illumination, Power reduction, Fish information, Detection area display etc. Auto functions Range, Shift, Gain Function registration Image speed, A scope, Shift, Interference rejection, Color rejection, Noise rejection, Zoom range, Zoom start, White line, Background color etc. Language Chinese, English, French, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Thailand Input data format and sentences NMEA0183 Ver. 1.5/ 2.0/ 3.0 GGA, GLL, HDT, MTW, MWV, RMC, VHW, VTG, ZDA Output data format and sentences NMEA0183 Ver.2.0 (DBT : Ver.1.5)DBT, DPT, GGA, GLL, HDT, MTW, MWV, RMC, TLL, VHW, VTG, ZDA NMEA ports(s) 1 (input / output 1) Power supply 10.8 to 31.2 V DC Power consumption 10W or less (12 VDC) Environmental Operating temperature -15 ̊C to +55 ̊C Water protection IPX5 Store temperature -30 ̊C to +70 ̊C Upper limit of humidity 93% ± 3% (At + 40 ̊C) Dimension of equipment 208 x 182 x 130 mm Weight 1.3 kg



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