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ซาวเดอร์+ดาวเทียมHAIYANG HD-50CFจอ5"หัวทองเหลืองความถี่200KHz

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ซาวเดอร์ HAIYANG HD-77Fจอ7"กำลังส่ง600W ความถี่50/200KHzหัวทองเหลือง ซาวเดอร์ FUSO FEC-609 จอ 6นิ้ว จอสี LCD เมนูภาษาไทยหัวความถี่ 200KHz ซาวเดอร์ FURUNO FCV-1150 จอ12.1"จอสีLCD ถ้าไม่เอาหัว ราคา 150000 ซาวเดอร์+ดาวเทียม HAIYANG HS-55CF จอ5"ในจอเดียว ซาวเดอร์FURUNO FCV-688 จอ5.7" Color LCD


ดาวเทียม+ซาวเดอร์ HAIYANG HD-50CF จอ 5นิ้ว หัวทองเหลืองความถี่ 200KHz

Operation Manual


-          LED Backlight Display

-          Internal GPS Antenna

-          Three Chart System

-          Micro SD support

-          Windows OS

-          Outdoor user available

-          Multi – language

-          Various AIS information


-          Full Digital Fish finder

-          High analysis of the underwater

-          Dual frequency ( 50/200 KHz )

-          Full / Split screen

-          Rich color tones available

-          Fish symbol

-          Dual output power ( 300W/ 600W )

Important Notice

Manual Handling Keep this manual in a safe place where you can access it quickly.

  The Global Positioning System ( GPS ) consists of a total 24 GPS satellites that orbit the earth, enabling you to determine your position anywhere in the, 24 hours a day, if you can receive satellite signals. During actual navigation, carefully compare the position date with all available navigation sources such as Loran C, Decca, other navigation chart, visual navigation, depth, water  temperature and other. It is your responsibility to make navigation judgments.

  The Electronic Chart: Only official authorized charts and notices to mariners contain all the information needed for the safety of navigation and, as always remember, the user is responsible for their prudent use.

Installation Cautions

Follow installation instruction to avoid personal injury and system malfunction

Installation in rigid location. Mount your Smart 4/ 5 series on a rigid frame or base to prevent your unit from working loose.

Use correct  Installation materials. Use the installation materials provided in the standard accessory pack only. If you use hardware of insufficient strength, your system may loosen causing damaged.

Keep away from direct sunlight. Keep your system out of direct sunlight as it may become damaged by overheating.

Keep away from water. Take care not to get water on or in your unit as it may be damaged and / or cause an electrical shock.

Keep away from heat source. Keep your system away from other heat source as it may malfunction, be damaged, or burn.

User correct power source. Operate your system within the specified power voltage. An incorrect power supply may cease

 AIS getting started

    AIS is an Automatic Identification System. It has been introduced to improve the safety of navigation by assisting in the efficient operation of ship to ship, ship reporting and VTS applications. The system should enable operation from the ship automatically, requiring a minimum of involvement of ship’s personnel, and should have a high level of availability.

    Connecting to the chart plotter an AIS receiver, vessels with AIS transponder within VHF range are displayed on screen giving he skipper or navigator a visual interpretation of the data of nearby vessels This improves safety, and specifically for collision avoidance reason.





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