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GPS ดาวเทียม HAIYANG HD70C/77C จอ7" TFT LCDจอภาพ สี มีแผนที่ในตัว

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GPS ดาวเทียมSamyung N100จอ 8"/10.4"/12.1"เมนูภาษาไทย จอสีLCD GPS ดาวเทียม SAMYUNG NAVIS-5100จอ10.4" LCD ดาวอย่างเดียวราคา69000 GPS ดาวเทียม Haiyang HIS-50A จอLCD 5นิ้ว เมนูภาษาไทย GPS ดาวเทียม SAMYUNG N80 จอ8" จอสี LCD เมนูภาษาไทย ลดราคาพิเศษจาก45000เหลือ42000บาท GPS ดาวเทียมXINO XF1069จอ10นิ้ว เมนูภาษาไทย ใช้งานง่าย จากราคา35000บาทลดพิเศษเหลือ29000บาท

 Full Digital Technology

ดาวเทียม HAIYANG HD-70C


Manual Handing Keep this manual in a place where you can access it quickly.

The Global Positioning System (GPS) consists of a total 24 GPS satellites that orbit the earth enabling you to determine your position anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day, if you can receive satellite signals. During actual navigation, carefully compare the position data with all available navigation sources such as Loran C, Dacca, other navigators, charts  visual navigation, depth, water temperature and others, It is your responsibility to make navigation judgments.

DGPS Operation Note:

Your position can be improved by DGPS correction. However, when you are communicating with other shops, you may a DGPS corrected position but they may not. Make your position source know during communication.

The  Electronic  Chart:

Only official authorized charts and notices to mariners contain all the information  needed  for  the  safety of  navigation and , as always remember, the responsible  for  their  prudent  use.


The manual uses the  following symbols for easy  understanding safety  instructions. Always follow these instructions carefully.

Installation  Cautions (For service Personnel)

Follow installation  instructions  to  avoid  personal injury  and  system malfunction.

Installation in rigid  location

Mount your HD-70SERIES on a rigid frame or base to prevent your unit from working loose.

Use correct Installation materials.

Use the installation materials provided in the standard accessory pack  only. If you see hardware of  insufficient strength, your system may looses causing damaged.

Keep  away from direct sunlight

Keep your system out of direct sunlight as it may become damaged by overheating.

Keep  away from water.

Take care not  to get water on or in your unit as  it may be damaged and/or cause an electrical shock.

Keep away from heat source.

Keep your system away from other heat source as it may malfunction, be damaged, or burn.

User correct power source.

Operate your system within the specification power voltage. An incorrect power supply may cause.


 Maintenance Cautions (For Maintenance Personnel)



Discharge capacitors.

High voltage may be retained in the capacitors if the high-tension circuit several minutes after you have turned the power switch off.

Check that power is OFF

To prevent an electrical injury due to erroneous power switching, make sure that the main power supply and the system power switch are both in the off position. Additionally, attach a safety label shoeing  that service is in progress.

Avoid EMI.

Take care not to damage the ESDs (Electrostatic Sensitive Device) by static electricity from carpet and cloths.

Avoid dust.

Wear a safety mask so as not  to breath in dust during inspection or cleaning inside your system instruments.



Operation Notes (For operators)  Observe the following operation notes, otherwise the system failure or deterioration can result, And periodical inspection and maintenance are required for keeping the system in an optimum condition.

Backup important data.

The waypoint and other registered data may become unreadable by unexpected failure. We recommend recording this data separately.

Use correct transducer only.

If you use incorrect transducer, the transmitter circuit may be damaged due to a  matching error. Consult is for system information.

Check transducer Connection before power on

Do  not turn the power switch ON if the transducer is disconnected or if it is not inserted into the water. If done, the transducer or transmitter circuit may be damaged.

Always clean the transducer

Since transducer performance can drop due the accumulated bottom growth, keep the transducer clean. Never paint transducer surface.

Transducer must be installed by authorized personnel.


Consult us for transducer installation by authorized personnel.



HD7-70 SERIER open a new chapter of performance and integration in navigation system display and management. Whether you are a Cruiser or Sport fisherman or both, HD-70 SERIES gives you the information you need.


HD-70 SERIES is Color LCD Charting Systems employs the latest in proven technology to provide  accurate navigation information. The Plotter functions of  HD-70 SERIES are totally dependent upon the capability of the navigation source to provide accurate position information. This device is only an   aid to navigation. It should be used  in  conjunction with other navigation accuracy. For safety always resolve any uncertainty before continuing navigation.


The performance of  LCD display are degraded by continuous direct exposure to ultraviolet rays. Locate your HD-70 SERIES Display away from direct sunlight. When not in use. Keep the display covered.

 Operation Manual

Chart plotter

-          7inch color TFT LCD

-          High speed zoom-in & zoom-out

-          Various Modes

-          Multi-language

-          Easy operation




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